Filomena was born in Italy, a family of eight children. Her parents were farmers and her mom and dad would prepare food daily from the vegetables and fruits that were grown on the farm.  When they arrived in the USA in 1968, they continued the traditions of the “old country.” Every year they would grow the tomatoes that would be jarred for the tomato sauce they made throughout the year. The fresh beans were quickly frozen, so that a plate of “Pasta Fagioli” could be made at any time.  Filomena grew up with the freshest of produce and fresh made bread.  Her memories as a child were often watching her mother cooking in the kitchen.  It was always a treat to get the first slice of warm baked bread (the end was the best!) and to put a ripe tomato on top of it, drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil. The bread would later be sliced and put back in the oven to make the tastiest bruschetta.  Sunday family dinners were the best, smelling the tomato sauce simmering in the kitchen, you could not help but try to sneak a dip with a fresh piece of bread…


In 1976, it was only natural that the family decided to open their own Italian Restaurant and Filomena grew up in the family restaurant business. She was cooking alongside her mother,Michelina (Mamma Lombardi) at a very young age. Through the years she cooked alongside her siblings and learned a lot about food production and running a business.  Filomena graduated College with an Accounting Degree and completed her Certification in Public Accounting, enabling her to successfully navigate the future business endeavors. For the past 20 years she acted as CFO of the family owned catering halls and restaurants, Villa Lombardi’s,Lombardi’s on the Sound and Lombardi’s on the Bay. Her passion is food and her gift is hospitality.


Through these experiences, Filomena affectionately brings you Farm to Table Catering…to your health… mangia bene!

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